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Elio e le storie tese / Ritmo sbilenco
The first movie about a band that made the history of Italian music. Elio e Le Storie Tese is not only a complex of extraordinary an irreverent musicians. It is a group made up of people, who each have their own life made up of different interests, passions and commitments and who create a unique artistic project in the Italian music scene.
Prod/ Hukapan, Offi-Cine, Anteo Spazio Cinema, Laba Progetti speciali
Distribution/ Wanted
Co-prod/ Smart, Levi's, Vespa, Aeffe, Fermo
Director/ Mattia Colombo
Art/ Silvio Soldini
Dop/ Iacopo Lo Iodice
Sound/ Paolo Benvenuti
Editing/ Paolo Cottignola, Valentina Cicogna
Facility/ TerraTrema Film
Grading/ Marco Sgorbati
Year/ 2016
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