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Inaz / Il fattore umano
A journey searching for positive stories related to the world of Italian work. In an world in which finance and new technologies seem to undermine man from the center of the economy where automatic software buys and sells stocks, while robots and artificial intelligence threaten to replace people in every new jobs, there are concrete realities where men are capable of making a difference. Presented at Festa del Cinema di Roma 2018, Terni Film Festival Popoli e Religioni 2018, Festival Glocal 2018, Festival del giornalismo digitale, Tertio Millennio Film Fest 2018, B. A. Film Festival 2019 and in Dolby 4k in selected theatres.
Prod/ TerraTrema Film
Distribution/ Fondazione Spettacolo
Director/ Giacomo Gatti
Screenplay/ Giacomo Gatti, Elia Gonella
Dop, grading/ Marco Sgorbati
Edit/ Omar Cristalli
Music/ Cristiano Arcelli
Graphics/ Luca Cattivelli
Year/ 2018
Copyright 2024 TerraTremaFilm - All rights reserved